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Flic en Flac

Cascavelle Mall
Tertiary Education
Primary Education
Fitness Centre

With its white sandy beach Flic en Flac is one of the longest and most a popular destination for locals and tourists. With a coastline of about 13 kilometres the name Flic en Flac has most likely been derived from an Old Dutch phrase ‘Fried Landt Flaak’, meaning Free and Flat Land.

Over the past decades the face of Flic en Flac has changed to becoming one of the most dynamic areas in Mauritius. From its variety of 3 stars hotels to 5 stars luxurious resort, its famous bars and clubs, its forward thinking plans for residential lands development and its education village, Flic en Flic is becoming more and more popular.

Vesta Immobilier has a selection of lands and properties in the region. Get in touch with us and we will be pleased to help you find your Happy Place.

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