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  • What are your services?
    1. Real Estate Agency - We assist property buyers or sellers throughout the whole process and make it easy for them. 2. Home Solutions - We connect our clients with suppliers offering the best value and professionalism accross the Island. From flooring, to smart home solutions.
  • What fees are involved when purchasing a property?
    On and above the selling price of a property, the following charges will apply; 1. Registration fees - 5% of the property value 2. Notary fees - Approx. 2% of the property value 3. Agency fees - 2% + VAT of the property value
  • How Can I Sell my home faster?
    The only thing you’ll have to keep in mind is that you’ll need to price your home based upon its current condition and place aside your years of memories; unfortunately memories are only valuable to you and not a home Buyer. Also, make sure your home is sparkling clean. If it’s super clean, many buyers can look past small imperfections; they’ll either accept it as is or plan for making their own updates. After all, it’s all about getting your home to sell.
  • Should I buy an established home or build my own?
    This is a personal choice but you should be aware that there can be many costs involved in building which may not be included in your initial budget or your mortgage loan and there may be unforeseen delays in construction. When buying an established home, total costs are known from the outset.
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